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What Clients Say:

“I have worked with many top lawyers over the years and I have never met a litigator like Greg Aldisert, who figured out ways to resolve one matter without litigation and another matter shortly after we filed the lawsuit. He counseled in favor of business solutions that allowed my company to save a lot of money in legal fees. He did an amazing job, and I am grateful for his tireless efforts.”

- Cindy Bond Owner of Faster Horse Pictures LLC and Wild Horse Productions Inc.

“Greg handled on a contingency basis a very complicated case for my bio-tech company Gamma Medica that involved multiple defendants with big firms on the other side. The case was contentious with lots of motions and depositions across the country. He stayed the course, provided invaluable insight about the process and progress of the case and positioned the case for the company to receive a multi-million dollar settlement that was approved by the Court.”

- Brad Patt Ph.D. former CEO of Gamma Medica and CEO of Theracell

“As a general counsel for a large law firm, we can hire whoever we want to represent us. I was fortunate enough to have hired Greg Aldisert, who is truly a “lawyer’s lawyer”. He did an incredible job representing our firm. Greg was always very responsive, well-versed in the case details, attentive to our objectives and a pleasure to work with.”

- Marissa Connors General Counsel for national law firm 

“Greg handled several important matters for our independent motion picture distribution company. I was always impressed with the superb quality of his lawyering and how efficiently he handled cases against larger companies using big law firms. Greg is a very hard worker and a forward-thinking strategist, who always stayed several steps ahead of opposing counsel. He won a major case against an “A List” actor and director whose lead counsel had advertised his trial record of 36-1 which became 36-2 after going up against Greg.”

- Robert Fyvolent Former Head of Business Affairs and General Counsel for Newmarket Films

What Judges Say:

“I have served as a mediator in several cases in which Greg represented one of the parties. Regardless of the size of the case, Greg was a passionate advocate and aggressively pursued his best arguments and yet he did so in an engaging and disarming manner that made his advocacy even more effective. His mediation briefs were invariably well-reasoned, clear, and concise. Greg always put his clients’ interests first in terms of evaluating settlement proposals and explaining to clients the prospective legal fees to be incurred if the case did not settle.”

- Michael Latin Los Angeles Superior Court Judge, Retired

“Greg has appeared before me while I was on the bench and as a mediator and an arbitrator. I have always found him to be well-prepared, articulate, an excellent writer, and a formidable advocate for his clients.  In one recent matter, Greg appeared before me for weekly telephonic hearings spanning several months where he frequently found creative solutions to an evolving set of problems in connection with the implementation of a complex settlement.”

- Dickran Tevrizian United States District Judge, Retired

What Counsel Say:

“Greg was my opposing counsel in a complex diamond case that went to trial a number of years ago. He was a formidable adversary throughout the case and an effective cross-examiner during trial. Despite our hard-fought battle, Greg was a pleasure to deal with.  Anyone who hires Greg can be assured that they are hiring a consummate professional and one of the best trial lawyers in Los Angeles.”

- Andre Cronthall partner at Sheppard Mullin LLP

“I served as transactional counsel in the sale of a business owned by two equal owners. Greg represented one of the owners and was instrumental in helping to reach creative, practical and fair solutions in collaboration with investment bankers, accountants and me to enable a successful nine-figure sale of part of the business.”

- Gordon Bava partner at Manatt Phelps & Phillips LLP