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We handle probate litigation where there is a commercial dispute that is in probate court because one of the parties is deceased. We also handle certain special proceedings, such as conservatorship litigation. We generally do not handle disputes about the probate process (e.g. will contests), and we do not render estate-planning services.

Our Results 

We obtained a $475 million judgment on behalf of the model Anna Nicole Smith on her interference with inheritance claim against the heirs of the oil baron J. Howard Marshall II. Although this claim was tried in United States Bankruptcy Court, the substance of the claim was a probate issue — interference with an inheritance. Learn More

Years ago, we represented The Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson in a complex and highly publicized conservatorship proceeding where Brian’s cousin sought a conservatorship over him due to the undue influence of his therapist Eugene Landy. Learn More

We also represented the estate of Mickey Spillane, the crime fiction writer, over certain rights to his famous literary character Mike Hammer.