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A Strategic Thinker

Greg works with the client from the beginning to determine the objectives, the budget for the case, and a long-term strategy. He prides himself on quickly understanding the pertinent facts and creating a coherent narrative to present for each case. He can nimbly adapt a case based on new facts uncovered during discovery. He will engineer innovative solutions to your legal problems. He will use his 35 years of experience to your strategic advantage.

A Business Approach

Greg has a deep understanding of business and finance, honed from years of handling cases in a range of industries. As a result, he can handle even the most complex cases in an efficient and expeditious manner. Greg brings that business-minded approach to every litigation decision in every case so that you can save legal fees.

A Sterling Reputation for Excellence

Greg has the highest standards for his legal services.  He takes pride in applying these standards to every brief he writes, every argument he makes, and every examination he conducts. Greg has a reputation for being well prepared and being a compelling advocate in court; he is highly respected by judges. You will have counsel that is a dedicated, passionate, and relentless advocate for you.

Your Trusted Counsel

With Aldisert Law, we will protect your interests and be your trusted advisor throughout the representation. Integrity and honesty are core values in our practice and our communications with clients. As a result, you will know what we know and where we stand so that you can make informed decisions about your case.