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We have an unparalleled track record for handling entertainment and sports cases and will be your trusted advisor in all areas of entertainment and sports litigation:

An A-List Roster of Clients

We accept a limited number of cases to ensure that we deliver the highest quality of services to your unique legal problem. We have represented some of the most famous people in the industry: 

  • Athletes: Mike Tyson and Wayne Gretzky
  • Directors: Quentin Tarantino, Jay Roach, Luc Besson, and David Cronenberg
  • Actors: Jennifer Lopez, Sean Connery, and Robert Duvall
  • Writers: Mickey Spillane (estate)
  • Musicians: Brian Wilson and members of Guns & Roses 

We have also represented studios, distributors and record labels: 

  • Studios: Warner Bros, Miramax, and RKO Pictures
  • Distributors: Newmarket Films and Gussi SA
  • Record Labels: Sanctuary Records and Giant Records

What Clients Say

“I have worked with many top lawyers over the years and I have never met a litigator like Greg Aldisert, who figured out ways to resolve one matter without litigation and another matter shortly after we filed the lawsuit. He counseled in favor of business solutions that allowed my company to save a lot of money in legal fees. He did an amazing job, and I am grateful for his tireless efforts.

  • Cindy Bond, owner of Faster Horse Pictures LLC and Wild Horse Productions Inc.

“Greg handled several important matters for our independent motion picture distribution company. I was always impressed with the superb quality of his lawyering and how efficiently he handled cases against larger companies using big law firms. Greg is a very hard worker and a forward-thinking strategist, who always stayed several steps ahead of opposing counsel. He won a major case against an “A List” actor and director whose lead counsel had advertised his trial record of 36-1 which became 36-2 after going up against Greg.”

  • Robert Fyvolent, former head of business affairs and general counsel for Newmarket Films