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We handle cases that require a specialized knowledge of law, such as legal malpractice, or that have special courts, such as California probate courts and United States Bankruptcy Courts. We also handle cases involving real estate, employment, and life insurance. We have substantial experience in litigation involving these practice areas and special courts: 

What Clients Say

“As a general counsel for a large law firm, we can hire whoever we want to represent us. I was fortunate enough to have hired Greg Aldisert, who is truly a “lawyer’s lawyer”. He did an incredible job representing our firm. Greg was always very responsive, well-versed in the case details, attentive to our objectives and a pleasure to work with.”

Marissa Connors, general counsel for national law firm 

What Judges Say

“I have served as a mediator in several cases in which Greg represented one of the parties. Regardless of the size of the case, Greg was a passionate advocate and aggressively pursued his best arguments and yet he did so in an engaging and disarming manner that made his advocacy even more effective. His mediation briefs were invariably well-reasoned, clear, and concise. Greg always put his clients’ interests first in terms of evaluating settlement proposals and explaining to clients the prospective legal fees to be incurred if the case did not settle.”

Michael Latin, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge, retired