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Greg Aldisert is a distinguished trial lawyer who has won almost every court trial, jury trial, and arbitration on both the plaintiffs and defense sides. On the plaintiff’s side, Greg has generated hundreds of millions of dollars in judgments, arbitration awards, and settlements. On the defense side, Aldisert Law has saved companies from financial ruin and has resolved cases for a fraction of their anticipated value. We strive to exceed client expectations and to accomplish our results within the anticipated budget for the case. Aldisert Law is widely respected among judges, arbitrators, mediators, and even opposing counsel, whether from a large or small firm. As one measure of his success, Greg Aldisert routinely prevails against opposing parties with deep pockets that often hire large law firms that assign teams of lawyers to the matter. At Aldisert Law, we will zealously represent your interests, and your success is our top priority. We never lose sight of the simple fact that our client’s goals are our goals.

Armed with decades of experience, Greg Aldisert is known within the legal community as an aggressive advocate, a powerful cross-examiner, and a brilliant negotiator. Greg’s passionate advocacy for his clients permeates every aspect of his practice. Because Aldisert Law accepts only a limited number of cases, you can rest assured that Greg will pay attention to every detail of your case and that he will work with you to formulate and implement the strategic plan for your case. Aldisert Law will position your case for resolution based on the creation of leverage so that we are negotiating from a position of strength.

About Our Firm

Our Approach

Client-Focused Representation

We accept a limited number of cases to ensure that we deliver the highest quality of services to your unique legal problem. If we take your case, you will have the peace of mind that a seasoned lawyer will handle every aspect of your case—from discovery to brief-writing to trial preparation.

We Understand Business

We understand business and finance. This enables us to work more effectively and efficiently and to make strategic decisions that add value to your legal position. Based on our knowledge and experience, we can quickly ascertain from the discovery process what facts are important and what facts are not important. We bring this business-minded approach to each decision in a case so that you save money in legal fees.

We Are Relentless Advocates

We bring unparalleled tenacity, resolve and passion to our advocacy. The cornerstone of our advocacy is hard work and preparation. We know what arguments are coming from the other side so that we are ready to meet them head on. We also pride ourselves on making clear and concise arguments in our legal writing and oral arguments.

Lawyering You Can Trust

Our core values are honesty and integrity.  We will be fully transparent and keep you informed of all case developments. We welcome your input and view litigation as a collaborative effort. We will let you know whether a proposed argument, motion or discovery is worth pursuing from your perspective and will explain our recommendations to you. We will always have your back.

About Greg Aldisert

For decades, Greg Aldisert has handled a wide variety of business and entertainment litigation for companies and individuals on both sides of the courtroom. He has tried dozens of cases before judges, juries, and arbitrators. Greg Aldisert has handled countless mediations and settlement negotiations that have generated results for clients that have consistently exceeded their expectations. Greg recently started Aldisert Law by using an innovative business model that has the same mission to deliver the very best lawyering for every case — and he will personally handle every aspect of your case. But the key to his stellar track record is old school — hard work and preparation — the cornerstone of great lawyering. Drawing on his education at MIT and UC Berkeley School of Law, Greg Aldisert combines a unique blend of passionate courtroom advocacy, clear and concise brief-writing, and strategic thinking that enables him to deliver extraordinary results.

In contrast to many attorneys who focus on the plaintiff’s or defense side or a particular business or industry, Greg Aldisert is a trial lawyer who can advocate from either side of the courtroom. He takes pride in being a quick study so that he can handle cases from an array of businesses and industries. In addition, Greg brings a business-minded approach involving extensive cost-benefit analysis to each decision in a case. As a result of these efficiencies, the clients of Aldisert Law save money on legal fees and know that Greg always is looking out for their best interests. Greg communicates regularly with his clients, is responsive to client requests, and views litigation as a collaborative process so that clients can make informed decisions. When you retain Aldisert Law, you will have the very best advocate on your side to protect your rights and champion your claims or defenses.

Greg Aldisert has represented some of the most famous actors, directors, athletes, and musicians in the entertainment industry and sports world. His high-profile clients include Jennifer Lopez, Robert Duvall, Sean Connery, Mike Tyson, Wayne Gretzky, Brian Wilson, and Quentin Tarantino. Greg Aldisert has represented studios, such as Warner Brothers, Miramax Films, and RKO Pictures; he has also represented record labels, such as Giant Records and Sanctuary Records. These clients have the resources to hire the best legal counsel in the world. The fact that they entrusted Greg Aldisert with their case speaks volumes about his distinguished reputation and legal prowess within the entertainment industry and among other counsel.

Notable Career Highlights

  • Secured more than half a billion dollars in judgments and settlements on behalf of high-profile clients
  • Represented some of the world’s best-known actors, athletes, directors, musicians, and studios
  • Served as a name partner for almost 15 years at a prominent California boutique litigation firm
  • Trained at one of the most prestigious law firms in the country


Gamma Medica Recovers $4.3 million from Private Equity Firms

United States Bankruptcy Judge Victoria Kaufman approved a $4.3 million settlement for the creditors of Gamma Medica to resolve a lawsuit against private equity firms that allegedly drove Gamma Medica into bankruptcy in order for them to buy its valuable bio-tech imaging assets at discounted prices.

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Shareholders Receive $8.75 million in Securities Class Action Against Ambry Genetics

“The total amount of the Settlement is $8,750,000. Your recovery will depend on the number of shares that you sold in the Tender Offers.  .  . the estimated average recovery will be approximately $83.56 per share before deduction of Court-approved fees and expenses.”  Class Notice / Order and Judgment entered August 12, 2020

Honorable Glenda Sanders, Orange County Superior Court

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Diamond Wholesalers Win Trial Over International Diamond Scam

A Los Angeles wholesale diamond dealer prevailed at trial in a case brought by Swiss and New York diamond dealers over millions of dollars’ worth of diamonds that they consigned to another Swiss dealer who sold them in Spain to the Los Angeles dealer but the consigning dealers never received the sale proceeds.

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Anna Nicole Smith Awarded $475 Million in Damages

“The court concludes that [Anna Nicole Smith] has shown, by a preponderance of the evidence admitted at trial.   .   . that Pierce Marshall has tortiously deprived her of her expectancy of an inheritance. The damages are $449,754,134.“

“The judgment should include the award of .  .  . $25 million in punitive damages.” 

Samuel L. Bufford, United State Bankruptcy Judge

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Mike Tyson Gets Back Boxing License From Nevada Athletic Commission

Nevada State Athletic Commission voted 4-1 to restore the boxing license of heavyweight Mike Tyson, 15 months after it was revoked for Tyson biting the ear of Evander Holyfield during a title bout.

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LA Siblings Win $34 Million Over Reclaimed Property In Iran

Iranian-American siblings have won a $34.5 million judgment in a California court against a family friend who was hired to reclaim and sell properties that their family had abandoned in Iran during the Islamic Revolution, but the family friend kept the profits and properties for himself.

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Judge Dismisses Suit by Prince's Ex-Manager

A conflict-of-interest suit filed by musician Prince’s former manager against a top entertainment law firm Ziffren Brittenham & Branca was dismissed by a Los Angeles Superior Court judge on a summary judgment motion by the law firm.

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“Greg Aldisert… is truly a ‘lawyer’s lawyer.’”

- Marissa Connors

General Counsel at National Law Firm 

“Greg was instrumental in helping to reach creative, practical and fair solutions in collaboration with investment bankers, accountants and me to enable a successful nine-figure sale of part of the business.”

- Gordon Bava

Partner at Manatt Phelps & Phillips LLP

“Greg was a formidable adversary throughout the case and an effective cross-examiner during trial .   .   . one of the best trial lawyers in Los Angeles.”

- Andre Cronthall

Partner at Sheppard Mullin LLP

“Greg was a passionate advocate and aggressively pursued his best arguments and yet he did so in an engaging and disarming manner that made his advocacy even more effective.” 

- Michael Latin

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge, Retired

“I was always impressed with the superb quality of his lawyering. Greg is a very hard worker and a forward-thinking strategist, who always stayed several steps ahead of opposing counsel.”

- Robert Fyvolent

Former Head of Business Affairs and General Counsel for Newmarket Films

“I have been involved in lots of litigation over the years and I have never met a litigator like Greg Aldisert…”

- Cindy Bond

Owner of Faster Horse Pictures LLC and Wild Horse Productions Inc.

“I have always found Greg to be well-prepared, articulate, an excellent writer, and a formidable advocate for his clients.”

- Dickran Tevrizian

United States District Judge, Retired

“He stayed the course, provided invaluable insight … and positioned the case for a multi-million dollar settlement.”

- Brad Patt Ph.D.

former CEO of Gamma Medica and CEO of Theracell
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