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Over the years, we have represented many independent film producers and distributors. These matters generally involve contract disputes over the treatment of revenue and obligation to pay upon the occurrence of certain events. 

We handle disputes involving:

  • Producers 
  • Sales Agents
  • Distributors
  • Exhibitors

These disputes are frequently adjudicated before the International Film & Television Alliance, and we have handled many cases using this arbitration body and its predecessor, American Film & Television Alliance. 

We also handle the rare case against exhibitors over the split of revenue from a theatrical motion picture release between the producer/distributor and the exhibitor.

Our Results

We won a substantial arbitration award on behalf of independent film distributor Newmarket Films against Mel Gibson’s company over the distribution of the film The Passion of the Christ. Before that case, we worked alongside Gibson’s company to obtain a very large settlement with Regal Cinemas over the revenue split from the theatrical release of the film, which had been the highest grossing independent film ever.

What Clients Say

Greg handled several important matters for our independent motion picture distribution company. I was always impressed with the superb quality of his lawyering and how efficiently he handled cases against larger companies using big law firms. Greg is a very hard worker and a forward-thinking strategist, who always stayed several steps ahead of opposing counsel. He won for us a major case against an “A List” actor and director whose lead counsel had advertised his trial record of 36-1 which became 36-2 after going up against Greg.”

  • Robert Fyvolent, former head of business affairs and general counsel for Newmarket Films