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Meet Greg

After graduating from MIT and UC Berkeley School of Law, Greg trained at one of the country’s most prestigious law firms, whose chairmen later became Secretary of State. He honed his skills at a well-regarded business and entertainment litigation boutique. 

In 2000, Greg joined a prominent mid-size firm as a partner where he served on the management committee. Years later, Greg formed a new litigation boutique where he was a name partner for almost 15 years. After getting the entrepreneurial gene late in life, Greg recently started Aldisert Law with an innovative business model but with the same mission to deliver the very best lawyering to every case. 

Experience Counts

For decades, Greg Aldisert has handled a wide variety of business litigation for companies and individuals on both sides of the courtroom. That unique perspective allows him to remain one step ahead of his opponents because he can anticipate their litigation strategy. He has tried dozens of cases before judges, juries, and arbitrators and settled countless other cases. He has a deep understanding of business and finance, honed from years of handling cases in a range of industries.

We Deliver Results

Greg almost always wins his cases. He has won several multi-million dollar judgments, including one for $475 million. He has also successfully defensed cases by motion and at trial. He has achieved these extraordinary results, frequently against better funded opponents represented by large firms. He has engineered settlements that routinely exceed client expectations.

A Family Tradition

Greg grew up with the law, which was a frequent topic around the dinner table, because his father, Ruggero J. Aldisert, had been a judge since he was two years old. Before becoming a judge, he was a general practitioner who handled everything from wills to murder trials. 

Judge Aldisert served as a state trial court judge in Pittsburgh (where Greg grew up) and was appointed by President Lyndon Johnson to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit based in Philadelphia. He served on that court for almost 50 years before retiring at age 94 (he took that lifetime appointment seriously). Over the course of his legal career, Judge Aldisert was a legal scholar who wrote several books and law review articles on the judicial process and appellate advocacy, and he taught at several universities in the United States and Europe. He was an invaluable mentor to Greg and generations of law clerks and passed onto Greg his unquenchable thirst for the law.

Community Service

Pro Bono Services: Greg was recognized by Public Counsel for outstanding pro bono work on a long-running and complex case to recover damages for dozens of low-income homeowners who were defrauded out of the equity in their homes by a home mortgage foreclosure consultant.

Results (non-partisan citizen advocacy organization): Gregg volunteered with organizing and fund-raising for an advocacy group that lobbied for legislation to support microcredit financing designed to provide seed money to assist women in starting small businesses in the United States and developing countries.

On The Personal Side

Greg has traveled extensively and taken his three children while they were young to experience the Sahara desert of Algeria, the Himalaya mountains of Bhutan, the savannahs of Uganda, the cloud forests of Columbia, the jungles of Nicaragua, and the ancient cultures of Iran and Cambodia. On his own, he has traveled to many other far-flung places, including Chad, Yemen, Pakistan, Tibet, Ethiopia, Bosnia, Ukraine, Peru, Myanmar, Indonesia, and all over India and China.

Greg enjoys hiking with his rescue dogs and concedes to engaging in an inordinate amount of ball play with his Belgian Malinois. His hobbies include Pilates, music, sports, politics and reading.