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We handle life insurance cases generally on behalf of policy buyers where insurance agents have sold whole life and universal life policies that are ill-suited for their needs, involve large premiums, and generate large commissions for the agents. We have successfully pursued cases against life insurance agents, insurance companies, and banks that finance the purchase of life insurance.

Our Results

We won a jury verdict for fraud on behalf of an elderly purchaser of a whole life insurance policy against an insurance agent who arranged the purchase that was structured so that the buyer borrowed funds to pay the very large premiums with the goal to re-sell the policy on the secondary market after a hold period expired. Because the resale market collapsed in the interim, the policyholder was left holding a policy that he did not need and owing a large bank loan. Learn More

We won an arbitration against National Bank of California that canceled the loans taken out by the buyer of the whole life policy referenced above, notwithstanding the fact that the borrower had signed dozens of loan documents. 

We obtained favorable settlements for major league baseball players who purchased excessive whole life insurance and brought claims against the insurance agent and the life insurance company. Learn More