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We have handled several disputes over the licensing of intellectual property. These disputes frequently involve: 

  • Contract disputes
  • Copyright law
  • Trademark law

We have handled disputes involving famous properties, such as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Skelanimals

Our Results 

We won summary judgment on behalf of a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers licensee who was sued for interference with contract by establishing that the licensee could not interfere with another’s licensing contract that was not enforceable because it was not in writing and accordingly violated the Copyright Act. PMC, Inc. v. Saban Entertainment, 45 Cal. App. 4th 579 (1996).

We represented an actress against an early dating website where her profile was hacked and falsely stated that she wanted multiple men and provided her home address. In a case of first impression, the US District Court held that the Communications Decency Act of 1996 (47 USC Section 230) did not insulate the website owner from liability because it contributed to the content for the dating profiles by its questionnaire. Carafano v., 207 F.Supp.2d 1055 (C.D. Cal. 2002).

What Clients Say

“I have worked with many top lawyers over the years and I have never met a litigator like Greg Aldisert, who figured out ways to resolve one matter without litigation and another matter shortly after we filed the lawsuit. He counseled in favor of business solutions that allowed my company to save a lot of money in legal fees. He did an amazing job, and I am grateful for his tireless efforts.” 

  • Cindy Bond, owner of Faster Horse Pictures LLC and Wild Horse Productions Inc.